10 Best Fosi Audio Home Theater Audio


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UPDATE2 Canal Stereo Receiver of Amplifier of the Audio Mini Salvation-Fine Class D Integrated Amp 2.0ch for Speakers of House 100W x 2 With Low and Triple Control TPA3116(With supplier to be able in)

has Purchased in 2018 06 22

has tried an amplifier with two on purpose built studio speakers and reproducing the manly acoustic registers of serious musician, with beginning to be able to go down that 20 W RMS. A global harmonic distortion was lower that 0,5 % likes alleged for Fosi, which has enabled the pleasant reproduction of any stringed instruments. A distortion of intermodulation (IMD), which confuse a sound of multiple sources, was more perceivable, especially with sets of agreements or hearts of the human voice and this was to be expected of a class D ribs of amplifier a signal of audio. In fact an IMD is present at most of some commercial speakers that has not treated the inner surfaces, he doing more difficult to distinguish a attributable quantity in an amplifier of this product by a speaker.

To appreciate a response of frequency was necessary to pose some controls of tones with some knob that signal around 3 on the dot and was mostly flat, falling sensibly only in of the frequencies way down below, down 40 Hz. A reproduction of musician of the organ of the tube was quite acceptable, included for some 32 registers of feet.

A signal in proportion of noise besides or 70 less dB is in the to to the value would like him recommends of a manufacturer to do on.

An operation of a relay commutates, among audio and Bluetooth the entrances are silent and effective. A Bluetooth useful the field is more concealed 5 metres. A quality of a Bluetooth 4,2 audio is adapted by the second entrance.

So, some 5 stars in 5 vain to take in consideration that is to say the class D amplifier.

10 Best Fosi Audio Home Theater Audio

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